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Time to Smile and Share!

Great for the home or the office, a photo clock can go any where. Relive the memory all day long! Add your favorite Ocean City picture and create a unique personalized clock face that will make you smile every time you need to know what time it is. A personalized wall clock always becomes the topic of conversation, and of course everyone can see your beautiful photo!


Photo clock has an 11" diameter and is made of pressed wood with a plastic face

Clock includes aluminum hands. Watermarking WILL NOT be on purchased product.

Images on Clock Face - $69.99 plus shipping
Canvas Wrap

20" X 60" Canvas Wrap - $168.99 plus shipping
20" X 30" Canvas Wrap - $98.99 plus shipping
Your Memories Displayed as Art!

Turn your photo into a work of art with Wall Wrap Canvas Enlargement! Our Gallery Style wrapped canvas enlargements allow you to hang your Canvas on the wall without the use of a frame! This is a perfect gift for any occasion, or just perfect for hanging your favorite memories above the mantel or above your couch.

Details:        Watermarking WILL NOT be on purchased product.

Canvas Prints have a sealed back and are coated to preserve the images for many years to come. ( Only available on 20" x 60" )

Complete Wrap
Customize your Mug with a Photo!

Brighten up your morning tea or coffee with a photo. Each morning when you enjoy your daily beverage, you will be reliving a magical moment in time. A Photo mug is a great way to keep a memory alive, and makes a great gift for any one! Just choose a size and style that is right for you to begin.

Details:        Watermarking WILL NOT be on purchased product.

Photo Mugs are White Ceramic
Photo Mugs available 15oz.
Coffee Mug - $27.99 plus shipping
This Senior Studio Image Indicates "Chris' Flying Saucer c. 1950's" on the back. Choose your product of display below.

Note: Watermark ( writing over image ) will be removed in the making of your product. We own this image and have an actual hard copy purchased many years ago from Senior Studio.

Mouse Pad - $19.98
A computer mouse pad with a photo memory on it really brightens up your desk, whether at home, or in the office.  Personalized photo mouse pads are a #1 photo gift. Order today and see why!

Details:         Watermarking WILL NOT be on purchased product.

Mouse pads are 9"x 7" with a fabric surface and have a " thick padded foam base.

A photo etched in stone makes a great wedding or anniversary gift and is a perfect keepsake for display. Have your favorite Ocean City, NJ Photo etched into this beautiful Marble Oval.


Marble oval is 5 x 7 and is ONLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK & WHITE

Black marble with black and white laser etched photo.

Includes stand for display. Watermarking WILL NOT be on purchased product.
Marble Oval - $55.98 plus shipping
Canvas Size ( Not Available In 5x7 or 8x10 Sizes )
Revised 12.10.13